Picasso’s light drawings

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Life Magazine has just republished this series of photos by photographer Gjon Mili of Pablo Picasso.Life Magazine has always, and still, feature some of the most beautiful, thought provoking, emotional and heart wrenching images. This series is one of the lighter [sorry, ed.] and joyful series.

In 1949 LIFE photographer Gjon Mili was already at the forefront of creative photography when he visited Pablo Picasso in the south of France. Mili had for some time been experimenting with moving lights during long-exposure photographs and when he showed the results to Picasso it immediately sparked his creative genious. The resulting images show Picasso playing and creating free-form images in free air in the dark. Though Picasso was of course unable to see the images that he painted the result still carries his distinct style.

Beware, when you go to the LIFE photography website, that time may pass quickly as you flick through Gallery after Gallery. Be sure to check out the 75 years anniversary gallery while you are there.