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In his own words: Grandpa Shea; an old man with a winning smile and a heart made of gold (or similar material with a high refractive index), started where everyone else did, at the beginning. He didn’t possess magical DNA giving him the out of the womb ability to draw, but then I ask you, who really does?

Instead he had the passion, the obsession, to spend hours on his own doodling and exploring his style. Experimenting with pencils, paints, pastels, music (possibly still a bit of a passion), competitive falafel making, photography and sculpture just to name a few, until coming full circle to where he started, back to the most basic of tools – a humble two dollar 0.5mm mechanical pencil (he hates sharpening pencils), an eraser or two and some paper.

With these seemingly simple implements he creates emotive dark detailed imagery. His raw and gritty, untraced work, utilizes the texture of black pencil line, never trying to capture photo-realism. Producing single image illustrations and sequential story, the work is figurative, surreal and at times bordering on the bizarre. Held together by a common theme, in each series the artwork is a constant struggle between mess and control.

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