Uncommon cases


Uncommon is empowering the world to turn its premium “blank canvas” accessories into self-expressive masterpieces. Their first blank canvas was the sleekest, most durable, twin-shot iPhone case on the market obsessively designed and engineered to make your “precious” look and feel its best. But the range of products now also includes iPod Touch and Blackberry Storm Trooper, and there are MacBook and Blackberry curve cases, watches and other blank canvas objects soon to follow.

You can choose designs from a range of artists ready for shipment, or you can customise with your own limitless self-expression by wrapping whatever imagery you desire around the product embedding the ink deep into the product’s skin much like a tattoo. Permanent and personal. The price is surprisingly low at  $39.95 + shipment. And they ship to anywhere in the world.

SLAIIB designed our own capsule collection for our beloved iPhones they are soon to be released for sale at getuncummon.com.



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