The shoe identity


Raffaello Scardigli plays with the fundamental shape of the shoe. He laboriously handcrafts the wearable leather sculptures creating the shoes shape from seamless sheets of leather. The result looks like the leather has been vacuum formed, hence the name.

“I see the shoe as one block only.  Its shape and its volume are directly molded in leather reducing sewing and cuts. Only a volume remains of the shoe, a relief on a flat surface… The identity of shoes is restricted only to a sensation. Its figure vanishes and takes geometric shape becoming like a memory in a photo frame”

The shoes span art and fashion. It looks like art. It is art. But it is a fully wearable shoe and it is meant to be a shoe. It will make heads turn and it will make people think – not just of the beauty of it or the technique but also think about what makes a shoe shoe-shaped.