Black Gnocchi From A Fashion Addict

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Mysterious Luxirare has earned her blogging fame from combining ‘killer clothes + fine cuisine’. Could it be better? We only wonder how the hell she can eat all the fantasic food like apple pie lollipops and home made mozarella (check out the video and notice the gloves) and still fit into high end fashion items and be a fairy lookalike at the same time.

Media like nytimes, abc news, urban outfitters, times online UK use her ideas and like so many others we fell in love with this incredible combination of taste and fashion. Luxirare does not only write about refined cooking and haute couture. Oh no! she makes the whole thing herself from kneading the dough for her black gnocchi to the black suede ankle boots she makes from scratch.

We just love the brilliant way Luxaire uses black truffle in her dish Black Gnocchi combining heavenly black dough with thick golden hollandaise sauce and paperthin slices of black winter truffle. Go ahead – make your own!


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