Banksy’s back in black


Multi talented graffiti provocateur Banksy is painting Britain black once again.It’s on the gables of Liverpool, on the traffic signs in London and on the walls of the National Gallery in Trafalger Square. The satirical and deeply ironic street art of much disputed provocateur Banksy is really bringing the blackness to Britain at the moment. And what a sight!

Presenting multiple pieces and handing out pocket philosophical pieces of advice such as “you don’t need planning permission to build castles in the sky” the England-based artist still knows how to work his black stencils and iconic rats.


We wonder of there is a future Banksy rat icon among the pieces? Three years ago a 20 ft-high gun-toting Banksy rat boosted the price of a Liverpool building with over 500,000 British Pounds. Apparently, artwork fans still like taking the exit through the gift shop.