Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang, photographed by Jürgen Teller

Design driven strategy

By Majbrit Weidemann

When talking about using design as a tool for growth, it is imperative to understand how to implement design throughout a companys entire operations, to fully comprehend what it really means to be a design driven brand.

Many brands in and outside of the lifestyle industries are exploring and defining the reasons why they exist. This important focus on “the why” is in part fuelled by the excellent work of Simon Sinek in popularising this term and helping businesses understanding and acting on it. If you have not yet familiarised yourself with Sinek I suggest you do so. The businesses work hard to find a way to communicate to their audience that they have a justification for their existence. However, many forget that once the “why” is defined in the brand strategy, the “what” and the “how” still remain – and without these the “why” will not get to the audience. To fully get the benefit from the “what” and the “how” and to truly use design as the tool to drive sales and brand value, businesses must go beyond establishing the reason why. The reason why a company exists often lays just below the surface of everything, and if not, the company may exist for the wrong reasons and will probably not succeed anyway.

Black Celebration by Saint Laurent

Dressed in Black again

By Majbrit Weidemann

As a huge Depeche Mode fan, I fall in love when I see one of my favourite brands, Saint Laurent paying tribute to Depeche Mode and their landmark 1986 album ‘Black Celebration’. The T-shirt is for men, but why should that stop any woman from wearing it….

Black Celebration was Depeche Modes fifth studio album released on 17 March 1986. The album cemented their darkening sound and Dave Gahan explained in an interview that Black Celebration was “a pretty heavy title,” dismissing rumors that it was anything to do with black magic and clarifying, “It’s actually about how most people in life don’t have anything to celebrate. They go to work every day and then go down the pub and drown their sorrows. That’s what it’s about: celebrating the end of another black day.”